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I have seen many friends, family members and strangers over the years battle with their health, fitness and nutrition:  Where to start? How to start? What type of program? When and what to eat? and the ever daunting questions of Why? There is a sea of information, fads, and myths to wade through. I’d like to empower you to make healthy, happy choices for your life and I would like to show you that this process does not need to be complicated. At the root of all that is The Trifecta Lifestyle is simplicity. Everyone is different, while there are general guidelines everyone can benefit from: exercise, fresh air, clean food, limiting chemical exposure, each body has different strengths and imbalances that deserve individual attention.

Much of my life has been centered around sport, but I have always felt driven to explore my artistic side.  It wasn’t until I moved away from home and was responsible for cooking my own meals did I learn to cultivate that artistry through the foods I cooked and ate.  I grew up eating extremely healthy and my parents always encouraged new and exotic foods in our household.  There was something different, something special, about being in your own kitchen and allowing yourself to be swept into creating a meal with the ingredients laid out before you, I completely loose myself.  I found that recipes were more like general guidelines, there are endless possibilities and no rules in my kitchen, which is reflective of my personality and how I choose to live my life.  I have an eclectic palate and a love for different cultures and cuisines! I do believe we all have the ability to be our own healthcare advocates, sometimes we just need a little help along the way and my goal is show you how through food, wonderful, glorious food!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and have spent several years in the healthcare industry working at private medical clinics.  In this time I have found my passion for helping others. Through movement and nourishment of the mind body and soul, I hope to show you that a healthy lifestyle is not only attainable, but it can be simple!

You are worth it.

– Theresa


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