The Trifecta


Don’t like going to the gym? No problem. Love the gym? Great! Don’t know how to lift weights? Perfect! Hate Cardio? Me too! You are done with your excuses – that’s why you’re here.  Whether you’re a beginner or not, we will work together to find out what works BEST for you and your body. The hardest part is getting started, so let me help you.


Eating properly doesn’t have to blow your whole budget and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. With balanced eating comes simple eating – 30 minute meals, prepping 1 – 2 nights per week for 1 hour, pre-made lunches… It requires planning, and sticking to that plan. I will provide recipes, meal planning templates, portion guides and grocery lists that will fuel your body based on your individual needs.

Health concerns? Have you wondered if there is a connection between the foods you’re eating and your conditions? Based off our initial appointment, which will be a question and answer session, I will be able to properly address which body systems are imbalanced and link them to your main concerns.


You can eat all the vegetables in the world and do all the workouts you want, but if you do not explore the mind and spirit you will be leaving out a large portion of what it means to be you and human! Spiritual, intellectual and emotional health are just as important as the physical and they rely on each other to remain balanced. Often imbalances in these areas can be expressed within the body as physical symptoms and addressing the underlying factors is crucial to achieving wellness. Whether these are things that we can work through together or not, I will direct you towards professionals who can.